The principal of the firm is the architect Nataniel Fúster DDes, AIA, whose work has been 

awarded on multiple occasions and reviewed by international publications such as Architectural 
Record, Architectural Review, Wallpaper, Dwell, The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century Architecture 
and The New York Times, has a Master Degree in Architecture from the University of Puerto Rico, a Master degree in Urban Design and a Doctor of Design degree from Harvard University.
2016- A.I.A. Mention- Therapeutic Pools La Esperanza
2014- A.I.A. Honor Award- El Blok
2014- A.I.A. Honor Award- Therapeutic Pools
2013- Mention, XII Biennal of Puerto Rico- "Boys and Girls Club's pool roof/Las Margaritas'
2012- A.I.A. Honor Award - ‘Arkitektura Showroom’
2012- A.I.A. UnBuilt Design Honor Award - ‘Boys and Girls Club, Bayamón’
2011- National Prize, XII Bienal of Puerto Rico - ‘Natatorio Mayaguez 2010’
2007- A.I.A. Honor Award - ‘Casa Delpín’
2007- A.I.A. UnBuilt Design Honor Award - ‘Casa 774’
2007- A.I.A. Mention - ‘Casa i 2.1’’
2006- A.I.A. UnBuilt Design Honor Award - ‘Oceania’ 
2005- Honor Award. IX Bienal of Puerto Rico - ‘Casa Viera’
2005- A.I.A. Mention- ‘Casa Viera’
2004- A.I.A. Honor Award-- ‘Casa del Castillo’
2004- Third Prize, ‘Casa Patio’ CAAPPR Housing competition; Category: Conventional Housing
2004- Third Prize, ‘Casa Tilt-up’ CAAPPR Housing competition; Category: Experimental Housing
2003- Mention. VIII Bienal of Puerto Rico - ‘Casa del Castillo’
2003- 2nd. Prize -CAAPPR Annex Design Competition
2002- Honorable Mention - VII Biennal of Puerto Rico - ‘Escuela de Bellas Artes de Carolina’
2000- A.I.A. Honor Award -’Escuela de Bellas Artes de Carolina’
2000- A.I.A. Mention- ‘Plaza del Mercado de Rio Piedras’
1994- Mention: AIA UnBuilt Design Awards- Casa Pagán-Picó, Ocean Park
1992- Premio de Honor IV Bienal de Arquitectura de Santo Domingo- Pabellón de las Artes


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