dujo bench


The design of the DuJo bench and the DuJo stool is inspired by the ceremonial seats of the Taíno Indians, an aboriginal tribe that resided in the Cari-bbean in pre-Columbian times. Such seats (called dujos) where made in wood or stone and where usually used by the tribes’ sorcerers and chiefs. Their curvili-near shapes are metaphors of mythical and political power. 

The DuJos were designed to be positioned in a new park that face the sea in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Consequently, the idea was to convey the ce-remonial qualities of the original dujo but in a contemporary setting and material (polished exposed concrete with stainless steel reinforcement bars). The DuJos design allows for numerous configurations while maintaining a unitary wave effect in the seating area. The design of the benches is currently incorporated as part of the standard catalog of an urban furniture company located in Barcelona, Spain (paradoxically closing the historical cycle).



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