house in cabo rojo

This compact, low-budget and sustainable house had been designed to take advantage of its location in the southwestern town of Cabo Rojo. The name of the town is Spanish for ‘red cape’, because the prevalence of the reddish tone terrain. Thus, the dominant color of the exterior of the house is red-based. Likewise, the employment of plasma cut aluminum metalwork in the form of traditional ironwork, will connect the house to an important vernacular building element. The house will use sustainable technologies such as a highly insulating structure (using ‘M2’ panels), the collection of rainwater, the employment of a grey water system and intensive use of natural lighting and ventilation. Although the design of this house relies on modular components, a great effort has been put into its integration to the existing site. An exterior cylinder, opens to the sky using perforated ironwork, is part of the bathroom design that also tries to make a sensorial connection between its habitants and nature.



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