perforated swimming pool roof

Las Margaritas, San Juan, Puerto Rico


This intervention was designed to provide security and shelter to an existing pool facility, in the San Juan neighborhood of Canteras, for the NGO The Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico. The intervention adheres to the following design premises:

It is a low budget proposal, with an estimated investment of $48,000.00 (forty-eight thousand dollars).
The material and construction selected - galvanized steel frames and metal sheets - allow for quick construction time and a minimal disruption to the existing site.
The plasma cut metal sheet patterns and color (light blue) are inspired in the Boys and Girls’ organization logo. The idea is that the logo inspired pattern will project on the pool area’s floor and walls as patterns of light and the reflections of that light off the water will change throughout the day; thus constantly transforming the atmosphere of the pool.
The perforations will also reduce the quantity of direct sunlight that enters the pool area, reducing the children’s exposure to direct sunlight.
The perforations will also make possible for the children to play in the ‘fresh air’  while being in a secure area (the Peninsula de Canteras’ community is a high crime zone).
The existing pool floor will be raised (to a 4’-0” maximum depth) in order to make it safer for smaller children.


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