The design is a low budget solution for a showroom of home equipment and appliances (for kitchens and bathrooms). The design came to form following these premises:

• Neutral space-- The new structure has primarily a neutral ambiance in order to function as a background for the merchandise shown. White and gray tones dominate the facade as well as the interior. The only exception are two red color areas, derived from the red on the store logo, located on the entrance vertical skylight and the wall of the stair to the second floor of the showroom. The facade is as open as possible, and has different levels in order to exhibit different goods.
• Light and sound-- The store uses natural light to function during the daytime. Natural light defines the entrance and the main sequence; it washes the back wall of the store and brings the fountain to life. The fountain was created using showerheads to directly and humorously allude to the store offerings. It also provides background sound that helps to create a relaxing viewing experience.
• Concrete finishes and low budget- Concrete is the most abundant and inexpensive material on the island. The construction was performed by non-specialized workers so some of the surfaces were left rough – as a design element – rather than trying to hide the imperfections. The rough exposed finishes were complemented by smooth plaster surfaces. The intervention relied on the reuse parts of an pre-existing structure and the use of reinforced concrete on the peripheral interventions (the main interventions occurred on the periphery of the site, leaving the stair location and the existing floor levels).

2012- A.I.A. Honor Award 

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