774 house


This house has been designed according to the following premises:

  1. This house is designed around a physical footprint of 774 sq. ft. (71.9 sq. mt.), as a way of proposing more efficient compact single-family housing for an environment like Puerto Rico, which is a small island that can no longer support the inefficient typical suburban model home common to continental areas. Yet, in spite of its reduced physical footprint, the total area of the house is 2,122 sq. ft. (197.1 sq. mt.) of living area.
  2. The effective square footage of the house can be enlarged through the use of some integrated canvas retractable roofs that can be prolonged to cover the adjoining terrace.
  3. Most significantly, the ecological footprint of the house is considerably reduced. This four-bedroom dwelling is completely energy and water efficient through the use of photovoltaic panels, a grey water system and a rainwater cistern (collected by the roof and terraces surfaces). Use of an ‘intelligent house system’ will smartly manage all these components.
  4. The plan of the house is open on the east and west sides to assure an effective cross ventilation (through perforated aluminum and movable glass windows). All the services are located on the southern elevation to ensure thermal absorption through the greater thermal mass of the service module.
  5. The house section was designed to take advantage of direct and indirect natural lighting by opening the upper level of the residence to the south.
  6. A triple height space in the central area of the house will allow hot air currents to circulate out of the main spaces through the top of the house.
  7. The basic construction uses pre-fabricated steel structure and iron reinforced polyurethane panels with an exterior concrete finish. Such panels are light, economical, and provide exceptional thermal and sound insulation. The photovoltaic/solar and water heater panels on the rooftop as well as the composite wood jalousie-like cladding on the south façade will provide additional thermal insulation.


2007- A.I.A. UnBuilt Design Honor Award 

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